The following testimonials describe the outstanding care provided by Dr. Tani and his staff

Jashua Barela, Patient



Best Dentist I Have Been To

It is never easy going to the dentist.  Going to a new dentist can be hard too.  From the moment you set foot into this office…you can tell there is something different going on.  The welcome you receive from the staff is first rate.  The hygienist, Jennifer, was extremely proficient, knowledgeable and friendly.  Dr. Tani was attentive, down to earth and obviously interested in me and in the health of my teeth.

The above things are great, but there are certainly many dentists that can do the above.    What sets this office apart from those I have been to in the past is :

1.  When you walk in, absolutely everything in the office is pristine and clean.  No clutter.  Not STERILE and weird….just spotless and nicely appointed.

2.  The way they handled my insurance.  They knew and/or found out exactly what was covered and let me know … i did not need to go back to fight with my insurance company like i have had to in the past due to improper handling by the provider.  I am still paying for “sealants” for my son that my last dentist stated…”oh, your insurance covers that.”  That is one of the reasons that they are my FORMER dentist.  I really don’t even know what “sealants” are or why we had to have them.

I am due for my next cleaning soon and actually look forward to going in! ….Yelp Review by:  Darren R. San Diego